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Be a Leader in Your Own Life – Make the Choice to Take Back Your Power!

I can help you open your eyes and more importantly your heart and empower you to see beyond the surface of pain, fears, worries, doubts and ego so that you can see the potential in yourself and each situation in life. You WILL be a Leader in your life!  The choice is yours!

My goal is to help you recognize your own potential and beauty; and to realize that you have everything you need already within you to live the most fulfilled life possible. You may lose your way sometimes because of an experience that knocks you to the ground; this happens to everyone. The important item to remember is, you CAN pick yourself up and get back on track.

I’m not here to change you; I’m here to guide you through experiences and stories, and the fundamentals I’ve identified as tools, so that you, too, can live the most fulfilled life possible.

The fundamentals I share with you provide you a new perspective on how to approach and/or turn around situations in your life; to understand yourself and how you respond and react to different people and/or experiences; and to ultimately recognize “you,” the love for you, as well as the power and capabilities within you. You can read about different fundamentals on my blog.

Programs and Descriptions:

Each of the following programs can be any or all of the following  formats:

  • In-Person Workshop – a session led by me with discussion points, round table discussions among the group, individual and group exercises.  The workshops are customizable and are from one hour to one or two-days in length. This is decided during a consultation of your needs and desires.
  • Teleseminar – same as in-person workshop except it is held via conference call and/or web conference with slides and handouts provided.  Also customizable and are one hour to one and a half hours once per week.  If the teleseminar is four hours long, it will be spread across a three to four week teleseminar (one hour one evening per week).
  • Presentation / Lecture – presentation of the material in a teaching format (in-person or teleseminar).  Also customizable and typically between 30 minutes and four hours in length.

Empower Your Mind – 10 Fundamentals to Live a More Fulfilled Life

Understand methods that we all have within, to leverage conquering any life challenge

Goals / Objectives:

  • Discuss, at length, each of the 10 fundamentals which are core basic items that can and will influence your overall life.  These fundamentals can help you:
    • Live a more fulfilled life
    • Bring more joy, happiness, peace and balance into your life
    • Enable you to bring all that you desire to fruition
    • Change your perspective on yourself, your life and those around you for the positive
    • Open your eyes and heart to the blessings in every situation, including the tragic ones
    • Recognize the areas in your life that may need some work
    • Understand how to effectively react to any situation to bring about positive change
  • Understand which fundamentals work for you and why
  • Embrace each fundamental in your own life
  • Practice techniques for each fundamental and recognize the positive impact that each fundamental can have on your life
  • Realize that each fundamental is already a natural part of your life and doesn’t require effort to remember and exercise them


  • At least one exercise for each of the 10 fundamentals
  • Exercises to change your thought process to be more positive

Balance Your Heart – Understanding Love vs. Fear

Do you realize your life may operate more from a foundation of fear vs. love? Understand how this realization impacts your life choices and direction

Goals / Objectives:

  • Understand what love and fear are as it relates to your overall life
  • Review the love vs. fear pyramid
  • Determine what foundation your life is built on (love or fear?)
  • Understand your mind / ego vs. your heart / internal wisdom
  • Learn how to accept and love yourself for who you are
  • Discussion around love – love starts at home within ourselves
  • Discussion around fear – fear comes from a place of ego
  • How to move from a fear-based life to a love-based life


  • Identify the fear and love areas that are running in your life today
  • Discuss the matrix for love and fear components and work through specific examples of how to move from fear to love

Open Your Eyes – Loving and Accepting Yourself Above Others

Understand the importance of how and why you’d want to feed yourself by loving & accepting you for “you”

Goals / Objectives:

  • Understand what “feeding yourself” means
  • Understand why feeding yourself first is so important and the ramifications of feeding others before you
  • Understand who is fed first in your life – you or others around you
  • Discuss love as it relates to you, and then how it relates to others around you
  • How to feed (love and nurture) yourself
  • How to accept yourself, your life, your situation, etc.
  • Recognize patterns and routines within your life that may keep you from feeding / taking care of yourself; eliminate those that no longer work


  • What qualities do you like / love about yourself?
  • Acceptance exercise
  • What do you like to do? How often do you do those things?
  • What do you desire out of your life?
  • Identify and evaluate patterns and routines operating in your life today

Turn Your Pain Into Peace – How to Deal, Cope and Move Forward from Painful Experiences

It’s extremely difficult to work through painful situations; Learn techniques to ease yourself through the process

Goals / Objectives:

  • Learn how to review your life timeline to understand where some of this pain is coming from (it’s hardly ever related only to your most recent experience)
    • Experiences as a child will indeed affect your experiences for the rest of your life, your attitude, your outlook on yourself and life, etc.
  • Understand yourself and your reactions to different situations in life:
    • Do you self-sabotage?
    • Do you create chaos to help yourself feel better?
    • Do you lie or have compulsive behaviors to bury your emotions?
    • Why?
  • Recognize, admit and accept your emotions related to your experience(s)
  • Learn how to process and release each emotion as it surfaces
  • Understand how to turn the heavy energy around to help yourself heal and bring forth what you desire in your life
  • Understand how your own thought process, your own internal beliefs and the world around you, influence how you react to each situation in life
  • Understand how each experience helps you grow as an individual and is a stepping stone for what’s coming next in your life
  • Understand that each experience happens for a reason and is part of a bigger plan
  • Discuss examples of how to recognize the blessings and gifts in any tragic or unhappy experience


  • Write down the experiences in your life that have cause you the most pain.  Why? Are these experiences pulling you down or holding you back?  What have you learned from these experiences?
  • Release your emotions — Exercises to show you how to face, feel, process and let go of each emotion bottled up inside (talk it out, write it out, etc.)
  • Open discussion / role-play for each of the main emotions that people experience
  • Meditations
  • Rituals that help bring healing to your life
  • Open discussion and role-play to help audience understand how we all can be our own worst enemy and how we may be keeping ourselves from healing
  • Open discussion to recognize blessings and gifts in all of life’s situations
  • Identify internal beliefs that are driving your life, how you respond to situations and how you may be denying yourself the ability to heal

Enlighten Your Soul – Turn Your Life Around By Freeing Yourself from Fear, Worry, and Doubt

Learn techniques to shift your thought process & greatly enhance your life

Goals / Objectives:

  • Learn how to understand yourself, your decisions, your fears, worries and doubts
    • Where do they come from?
    • Why are they operating in your life?
  • Recognize these negative-type patterns and understand how to change your thought process to be more positive
  • Understand how to catch yourself, your negative or worrisome thoughts and cross those off immediately with those that you prefer
    • Focus on things you “want” vs. “don’t want”
  • Understand the power of energy – law of attraction – each person is a powerful manifestor in their own life
  • Understand your internal decisions and beliefs – most often these internal beliefs are what cause our negative-type attitude and outcome
  • Understand your own faith in a higher power, in yourself, in life


  • Identify positive affirmations for your life
  • Identify internal beliefs and determine if these still work for you
  • Exercises to change your thought process to be more positive – speak what you “want” vs. “don’t want”

Expand Your World – Take Back Your Power from External Influences in Your Life

Understand the control and impact of beliefs, society and the world around you and learn how to take back your power

Goals / Objectives:

  • Understand how external sources influence your behaviors, decisions, reactions, and overall lifestyle and well-being.  External sources could include:
    • Other people – friends, family, co-workers, strangers
    • Media
    • Society – acceptance into society
    • How any of the above will react or respond to your own decisions
  • Understand what your underlying (conscious and subconscious) beliefs and internal decisions are
  • Where do beliefs come from? Where do your beliefs come from?
  • Understand and recognize whether your beliefs are still working for you or not
  • Recognize patterns and routines and determine if they are constructive
  • Understand how to take back control of your own life
  • Understand your mind / ego vs. your heart / internal wisdom
  • Understand how you cannot control other’s lives and they cannot control yours; your life is to be lived based on your own desires
  • Understand how to keep yourself from engaging in other people’s drama


  • Exercises to empower you to make decisions based on “your” desires and needs, not those of external sources
  • Identify and write down your internal beliefs, patterns and routines and determine if these still work for you
  • Determine if you are trying to control the lives of others and vice versa