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Hi!  I’m Debbie Heneghan!  I’m so glad you stopped by.  I guess you’re wondering who I am? (ha! I wonder that sometimes too!)   Well, first, I’m a very blessed mom with two handsome, loving, wonderful boys (Evan, 6 and Aaden, 5), as well as a beautiful group of family and friends that make up my circle of life.  My boys are the lights of my life; the joy in my heart; and they are my daily reminder that we adults take stuff much too seriously! It’s my boys, and our quality time together, who keep me light, happy and feeling so very blessed each and every moment.  So if you leave my site with nothing else, please take with you the inspiration to take (or make) the time to be with those in your life that you love.  It’s remarkably rewarding, uplifting, refreshing and FUN!  And who wouldn’t want that?!

Another important thing you should know about me is that I have a very unique way of helping people turn their pain into peace. The way I connect to people through personal experiences and stories (and those of others) is tremendously unique and extremely powerful. I empower my clients and my audience with a new approach in which to work through any (yes, any!) challenge in life.  It is my passion to light up your life to shift through life’s obstacles, and to help you open your eyes and your heart to reach beyond the surface of pain, fears, worries, doubts and ego.

It’s through this passion that I am blessed to be a published author with my own book, Closer Than You Think – The Easy Guide to Connecting With Loved Ones on the Other Side, which has provided thousands of readers with peace and comfort. I am also the founder/president of Closer Than You Think, LLC which provides me the opportunity to work with so many wonderful people all over the world.  Oh, I almost forgot…. I’m also a professional business woman; I have worked as a software architect for over 22 years, 15 of them at IBM, where I have attained many professional certifications and achieved great success.

The first title that I wear with pride is “mom”. If you have to put a title on what I do best after being a mom, I’m an inspirational speaker and teacher, life coach and spiritual intuitive. I am here to help those of you in need to truly understand your potential, to remind you of your worth and to help bring a new perspective on leveraging one’s faith, self-evaluation and personal experiences to positively affect your life as a whole (both personally and professionally).

I’d be honored to empower your next meeting, conference, or open discussion and open the minds and hearts of everyone who attends. I promise you’ll leave with unique tools and tips to conquer any fear or challenge, as well as a “new age” perspective on life, love, and living!

Thanks so much for stopping by.  Look forward to hearing from you!

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